Consumer Service Centre Mission Statement

We will delight our consumers, treating each person who contacts us as if they are our only consumer, providing them with a response which is evidence of our interest and that leaves them with the clear understanding that they are important to us.

Our Johnson & Johnson Consumer Service Centre staff are committed to providing exceptional service to our consumers

  • we will be contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either personally or by voicemail
  • we will be empowered to resolve any dissatisfaction that consumers have about our products and services
  • we will send a response, where appropriate, to email and telephone contact within two working days and written contact within three working days of its receipt
  • we will compose our response letters so they are easily understood
  • we will provide consumers with replacement or alternative product or monetary refund in instances of product dissatisfaction
  • In some cases, you will be asked to return the product (at our expense) so that we can conduct an appropriate review and take any necessary corrective action to the monitoring procedures in an endeavour to eliminate a repetition of the problem in the future. Also, it is important that we better understand your requirements to assist us in delivering products that meet your needs.
  • You may be assured of our continued commitment to provide you and our other consumers with quality products and an exceptional level of service at all times.